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The new like catching strategies are very worrying

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Pope Francis wearing a fashionable white down jacket and former US president, Donald Trump in handcuffs, are photos that have gone round the world, but they were fakes. Images creatively processed, but entirely verisimilitude by artificial intelligence. And we are only at the beginning of a new technological era with unpredictable implications:

Will artificial intelligence for us humans be a help or only a danger?   Artificial intelligence has been at the centre of various debates and controversies in recent days, all of which started a few weeks ago when ChatGPT was stopped and then after the release of some fake photos showing Pope Francis in unusual […]

Artificial intelligence is a threat or an opportunity? ChatGPT is certainly the most advanced conversational artificial intelligence ever created, however, it is crucial to inform users about the OpenAI company’s use of their personal data, and it would also be advisable to inform users that search results may not be accurate. also to protect the […]

    Cyber attacks have increased by over 8% in just the first six months of 2022, according to this year’s Clusit Report, for a total of 1,141 and an average of 190 per month. Astounding numbers that show how the primary cause is related to malware, the most concerning phenomenon affecting 38% of total […]