Cyber attacks have increased by over 8% in just the first six months of 2022, according to this year’s Clusit Report, for a total of 1,141 and an average of 190 per month. Astounding numbers that show how the primary cause is related to malware, the most concerning phenomenon affecting 38% of total cases, which increased in 2020 by 358% compared to the previous year and, in 2021, by 125%. This picture is also confirmed by the latest Ipsos survey, according to which one in two Italians feels at risk when exposed in the virtual world.

To curb this growing problem, Sauron arrives, a great innovation on an international scale, created by the tech startup Nevil, founded in Italy in 2018 and now expanding in the USA. Among the founders of Nevil is the entrepreneur Marco Menichelli, an expert in artificial intelligence who has been working for years on the development of high-tech and highly innovative systems.

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