Synthetic Psyche is a design methodology that studies the behavior of human mental processes, intending to replicate them in intelligent software that acts independently of the context and nature of the data.

While in Information Technology all procedures are managed by Workflows, the Synthetic Psyche does not present any preconfigured Workflow, but dynamically learns the procedures, language, and intentions in “Target Structures” capable of:
– Analyze the final purpose of the procedure
– Independently deduce the Mandatory steps through which the target is reached and without which it is not possible to get there
– Manage the knowledge available to reach the target when external stimuli change concerning the standard procedure
– Simultaneously manage multiple procedures even if in the presence of a single interlocutor
-Leaving the procedure or procedures to solve problems (external to the procedure) but which prevent the Synthetic Psyche from reaching the final target.
The synthetic Psyche analyzes the interlocutor’s intention through pragmatic analysis, aimed at identifying the interlocutor’s intention to predict its intentionality, it then carries out this type of analysis by identifying a “NOEMA” that is a “signifier” to be inserted in the global context of the conversation to:
– Understanding some aspects of the user before they become apparent
– Direct the conversation in a way that is more appropriate to the user and to the context in which it takes place

In the Synthetic Psyche, the process of Synthetic Intuition is developed as a separate software capable of starting from an initial NEED, scrolling through the relationships between Topics, and memorizing Attributes to devise one or more solutions.
The solutions are then submitted to the approval of the Deductive Logic, which, in addition to reapplying the constraints of the initial problem, applies the filters of the Global Contextual Group in which the solution to the problem is placed (user habits, gender, laws, ethics, morals, religion, etc.). If deductive logic validates the solution, then the synthetic Psyche provides an answer.

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