Shortage of chips, energy prices, and hacker attacks will bring the cloud market to its knees.
Large providers are having difficulty buying new hardware due to the shortage of chips, despite this demand has increased considerably.

Contributing to this growth will above all be the cloud computing sector which in 2021 alone recorded a 30% increase in requests for microprocessors to be able to build data centers. Chips are used to build computers, but also smartphones, video games, and smart appliances. Most of the space occupied on connected devices consists of useless or even harmful files. The world may soon face a global hacking attack, and man’s history of the last 20 years may be erased as data is mostly stored in the cloud.

The Booing project fits perfectly into the cloud context, introducing an aspect that without mincing words can undoubtedly be defined as pioneering, because the idea, as we will see, is completely innovative and hitherto unexplored.

Booing is a decentralized cloud space (web 3.0), user-friendly, which will allow anyone to archive their files on connected and distributed devices, creating backups such that the files will remain indelible and unassailable.

The peculiar aspect, which makes Booing unique on the market, is that of using and exploiting for one’s own cloud, the free memory spaces on individual devices (smartphones and tablets) of any person who decides to join the project, sharing their own giga available with other users through the cloud created by Booing.

The second particular aspect is that the entire project is combined with its own token, the Booingcoin (Boo), the value of which will be subject to the amount of space that will be “turned over” to the system, i.e. the GB of cloud space is used as gold reserve to guarantee the value of the coin.

Booing is:

  • Secure: Files are encrypted and fragmented on connected devices. Quadruple copies are made of each fragment and each copy is monitored in order to preserve its integrity. The files will not be so attackable and will always be available. Each file uploaded to Booing will be fragmented according to the following criteria:

number of fragments equal to the number of giver users who lend a maximum of 30% of the occupied donated space. Each fragment is then quadrupled

  • Profitable: by donating or buying space on Booing you earn in “Booingcoin” a cryptocurrency whose value depends on the space donated to the system. The more space is donated, the more the value of the coin increases. Booing recovers space that is now lost and pays you half: Booing’s approach allows you to recover space on the device, otherwise unrecoverable, but at the same time pays to get up to half;
  • Intelligent: Booing uses artificial intelligence to analyze useless files that can be deleted, reclaiming as much space as possible, without affecting important files. Specifically, Booing recovers unused space, searching in the various sections, such as: apk cancellation, image comparison, duplicate files and videos, temporary files, memes, video memes, applications not in use for some time. Booing also monitors each file fragment uploaded by users to always keep 4 copies. If a device fails or is no longer connected, Booing notices it and acts to always guarantee accessibility to user files saved in the cloud;
  • Green: All companies that offer cloud services are continually purchasing new space and using large amounts of energy to cool and maintain their servers. Booing recycles space and energy, which in any case would have been used to keep the host device running, with a huge impact on the environment.

Registration at Booing is and will always be free, in fact the free GBs depend on the number of users registered on the portal according to the formula:

(total GB donated) x 0.1

Therefore, Booing makes 10% of the GB made available by the total number of users available free of charge.

From a future point of view, the Booing project acquires an exponential connotation if we will, as it basically fits into the cloud system, which has already presented itself to the world as a revolution, and integrates two further functions to it even more innovative.

The first, which represents an almost natural continuation and improvement of the cloud itself: sharing the memory space of your device.

The second, which directs the project towards an ever-evolving future track: the creation and implementation of its own token as the glue of the entire system, the Booingcoin. Thus, a concrete, real and tangible utility, which translates into the cloud, is combined with a utility in terms of security, speed and above all contextualization, given the near future we are approaching if we think of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.